Since this is my research field, I would also be interested in being a reviewer.  – Rich Rosen


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Subject: seeking article REVIEWER for Energy Transition issue of Socialism and Democracy journal



I'm one of the editors for a special issue of the journal Socialism and Democracy (v. This issue will be focused on Energy Transition with an emphasis on renewable energy, including wind, solar, and biomass.

Earlier I posted a note asking for people to submit articles. Now the articles are beginning to come in. So I ask if you are interested in reviewing one or more articles. Do you know of other folks who would be interested in reviewing an article. We are also seeking people who could send us reviews of relevant books, for this issue.

There will be two types of articles:
- on key renewable technologies that are currently available,
- and also reviews of actual campaigns to bring about the energy transition.

The articles will not be highly technical. Instead we want all articles to be broadly accessible by activists in various social change movements. We schedule the publication in time to distribute it at the World Social Forum (2016).

You can view past issues of Socialism and Democracy at:
and also at the website of its publisher (Taylor & Francis) at:   .

-Weimin Tchen