*February 10, 2016


/From:/ Ian Boyce, UVM Class of 1989
               Chair Athletic Director Search Advisory Committee

/To: /       University of Vermont Community

/Re: / *Director of Athletics Search Update*

    I am pleased to report that the search process for the Director of
    Athletics is progressing well since President Sullivan charged the
    Search Advisory Committee (membership below). The Search Advisory
    Committee, which was formed earlier this year, completed work on the
    advertisement and position description We will be meeting in March
    for an initial review of candidates. I continue to be appreciative
    of the work that the Search Advisory Committee is doing on behalf of
    the the University. I also appreciate the members thoughtful
    feedback and perspectives which will assist us with the process of
    identifying an outstanding leader for the Division of Athletics.

    The Search Advisory Committee’s position description for the next
    Director of Athletics, is attached and will shortly be available on
    the search web site. This document reflects the valuable feedback we
    received. Advertisements for the position have been placed in
    numerous publications and on-line search services. I encourage you
    to assist the Search Advisory Committee with identifying candidates
    by nominating individuals or sharing the job description with
    appropriate candidates. You may send information about potential
    candidates to Matt Adkins at [log in to unmask] All
    inquiries and nominations should be addressed to that email.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if I can
    provide additional information about the search.

    Thank you.

        _*Athletic Director Search Advisory Committee

        *Ian Boyce, *UVM Class of 1989, Former Chair of the University
        of Vermont Board of Trustees, Advisory Committee Chair

        *Niki Brown,* Undergraduate Student, Student Government Chair of
        Student Clubs

        *Robert Cioffi,* UVM Class of 1990, Former Chair of the
        University of Vermont Board of Trustees

        *Rocki-Lee DeWitt,* Professor of Management, Grossman School of
        Business and UVM Faculty Athletics Representative

        *Anne Forcier,* UVM Class of 1979, Executive Director of Board
        Relations, University of Vermont Foundation

        *Robert Manning, *Professor Rubenstein School of Environment and
        Natural Resources and Former UVM Faculty Athletics Representative

        *Germain Njila Mopa,* UVM Class of 2005, Former University of
        Vermont Basketball Player

        *Brian Panish,* Parent of University of Vermont Athlete

        *Judy Shaw,* Associate Professor of Nursing and Pediatrics,
        Executive Director of the Vermont Child Health Improvement
        Program, and Chair of the UVM Athletic Advisory Board

        *William G. Shean,* UVM Class of 1979, Member of the Board of
        Directors of the University of Vermont Foundation and Chair of
        the UVM Athletic Board of Advisors

        *Martin St. Louis,* UVM Class of 1997, Retired National Hockey
        League Player