February 25, 2016

To:UVM Campus Community

Fr:UVM Emergency Operations Group

Re: Health Precautions while Traveling

As Spring Break approaches, the University’s Emergency Operations Group 
continues to monitor developments related to the Zika virus 
<> in Mexico, Central and South America, the 
Caribbean, some Pacific Islands, and Cape Verde.A number of these areas 
are also affected by Chikungunya 
<> and Dengue 

All three diseases are spread by mosquitos /and can have serious health 
consequences/. In addition to being spread by mosquitos, recent reports 
indicate the possibility of sexual transmission of the Zika 
virus.Contracting the virus during pregnancy has been associated with a 
microcephaly as well as a number of other poor birth outcomes.*The CDC 
has advised women who are pregnant to postpone travel to any area where 
Zika virus transmission is ongoing.Women trying to become pregnant who 
plan travel to affected areas should consult with their medical provider 
regarding their travel plans.*

The CDC updates its travel alerts <> 
on Zika and other health threats to travel as necessary.The University’s 
Emergency Operations Group strongly recommends that you review the 
information available from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on the 
prevention of mosquito bites. 
check the CDC’s website <> 
for a broad range of up to date information about international travel.

Students who have questions about a risk of exposure to any of these 
diseases related to upcoming travel should contact Student Health 
Services at 656-3350.Faculty and staff with these concerns should 
contact their primary medical provider.