Hi All,

As with Cat Abbott on Wednesday, both Ian Worley and I got lovely views of
the Tufted Duck yesterday. Of all the many ducks by the bridge it stayed
obligingly close! Fantastic views, and if it weren't for the chop there
would have been lovely photo opportunities - that's how close it was
(though a scope is still your best bet). It's tuft was crystal clear, being
blown around so it didn't even matter that it was actively feeding part of
the time.

Plenty of Scaup (both), Bufflehead, Ring-necked Ducks, Common Goldeneye,
Common Mergansers, and a surprising number of Redheads! Those were the more
interesting, but there were Mallards, American Black Ducks, Canada Geese, a
decent number of Bald Eagles, and a mix of gulls.

Best of luck and calm waters if you try for them,

Isis Erb
Burlington, VT