I would like to add that crow hunting began back when farmers had an issue
of these intelligent birds getting into crops and food stores for farm
animals.  This isn't so much an issue today, but the opportunity to hunt
them still remains. Not trying to fan the flames, but wanted to provide
some historical context. Let's keep VTBIRD about bird sightings.

Kaylee Pollander
Athens, GA

Kaylee Pollander
Graduate Research Assistant
Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
University of Georgia

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> Are you saying that shooting crows is just for hunters to practice?
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> Birders might
> ​ be​
> ​s​urprised
>  to know that there are two seasons for the shooting of crows....Jan 15
> through April 11; and August 19 through December 19. There are no daily bag
> limits.
> The chief rationale for the shooting provision is to provide hunters with
> hunting opportunities between the seasons for more conventional game ​, and
> the fact that the population is stable.​