In this winter that ishorrifying beyond our wildest hallucinations, there is still skiing to behad.  Fortunately, MRGs not so secret stash of Frozen McSludge kept us onlife support last weekend.  Yesiree, The Practice Slope with 340 feet of vertical(but skis like 360) came through.

On Saturday, it wasPractice, we talkin' practice.  I assisted with the Northern VT region Senior OEC and not-so-Senior OEC practice and thenpracticed more on the Practice Slope.  Grasshopper, Grasshopper Headwall,Cricket Woods, Upper Race Slope, Middle Race Slope, Lower Slower Race Slope,Race Slope Cutover and Lower Cricket and Callies Corner were all open. That's 9 trails.

On Sunday, I practiced more first aid and was signed off for the season. I also joined Terry Barbour's ski school clinic for more - you guessed it -practice.  Some skier scraped granular drifted in - or was skier pushed -to the skiers right on Lower Slower Race Slope which made for some good toedeep snow or sorta' snow for skiing.

 Mark P. Renson

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