Add to this complaint that "first author is a nurse" is an exceptionally
non-exhaustive limiter! It has not been around (at least in CINAHL) for all
that long, isn't retrospectively included, and depends on the arbitrariness
of the 'first author' choice AND that author's self-identification in
whatever way that triggers the algorithm that applies it to the indexing!

I did manage to persuade instructors at a previous job that this particular
limiter caused more problems for RN-to-BSN students than it was worth, and
it was hard to see how it added value to their research class. If you can
get them to take that out, based on the argument that it is not
comprehensively applied to the relevant literature, then the field does get
wider, but goodness, that is a very particular date limit!

I did a CINAHL search for "wound care" in that date range with the "first
author nurse" setting checked and got NO results!

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> Ok, I am having database issues (CK, I'm looking at you) and firewall
> issues (thanks, IS!), and so perhaps am more testy than usual today, BUT...
> Yesterday an RN came to me via email and asked for some help. Sure, no
> problem. And then I read her assignment parameters and  wanted to scream.
> WHY do nursing instructors do this to bridging RNs and nursing students?
> Her assignment requires that this be a quantitative, nurse as first author,
> primary research study published between APRIL 2015 and current date in a
> nursing journal.
> My RN patron, knowing she will have to live with this article for the
> entire semester (apparently they anatomize it), wants something
> interesting, preferably in her specialty. But here's the thing: that time
> frame is SO narrow, it precludes her preferences and she is now "stuck"
> with an informatics article or a holistic theory instrument development
> article by an NP.
> I've railed against the 5 year "rule" here before, but that looks
> positively generous compared to this nonsense. Nursing does NOT publish
> these kinds of studies in any kind of high volume. I searched 3 nursing
> journals before I found anything, and by that, I mean searched the tables
> of content. I gave up attempting to wade through PubMed or CINAHL, since
> all I had were parameters and no subject (her preferred topic was a
> washout).* When and how can we educate nursing instructors on this topic? I
> am sure (because this RN said this to me on the phone, as we discussed her
> needs), that here is yet another RN turned off by research; another one who
> will now just go through the motions, jump through the hoops, and never
> think about nursing research again.
> It's maddening.
> *I'm sure there's probably a "better" way to find these articles. If there
> is, I don't  know it and I'm happy to learn.
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