Dear Ivan:

I wanted to follow up with you on an order we worked together on a few months ago (I`ve put the details below).  I wanted to check in to make sure all went well with these items, and to see if I could help you in any way with any future projects you having coming up?

If you have any feedback, or would like some help, simply hit reply or call me at 877-446-7746.  I`d love to offer you a quote, send along additional information or send out FREE samples of any item you`re interested in.  

I`m ready to help whenever you need it!

Thank you,

Sandy Klein
Customer Service Representative

877-446-7746 x 8381


Date: Nov 11 2015 12:00AM

Order: 11351223

Item Number: 7485                     

Item: Deluxe Fanny Pack

Quantity Ordered: 100