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I work with a group who look at coordinating programming on high risk weekends/days and the NBR has always been part of our agenda.  Thus far I know that our Campus Rec colleagues will be repeating what they did last semester, and that UPB/Campus Programs will be holding a Pub Quiz and the UVM After Dark Bowling event again.  I have copied Nicole oaths email so she can be in the loop as well.

Dr. Patrick Brown
Director of Student Life and the Davis Center
(802) 656-2060

From: Jacquelyn Ellis
Date: Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 2:53 PM
To: Shelby Hinkle Smith, Gregg Bates, Blake Simpfenderfer, Melissa Zelazny, Jon Porter, Annie Stevens, Rafael Rodriguez, Patience Whitworth, Kelly Thorne, University Program Board, irauvm, Katherine Strotmeyer, Jason Maulucci, patbrown, Kim Monteaux De Freitas
Cc: James Hudziak, Breanna Pletnick, "Day, Stephanie", Jeffrey Rettew
Subject: NBR Alternative Summit

Hi All,


We hope this email finds you well. As I am sure many of you know the WE team has been busy coordinating the UVM WE 4/20 5K for Wellness! Though much of our energy has been devoted to this event, we think it is important to start thinking about  hosting another event at the end of the semester, like Cats Night Out. It was a great success last semester thanks to all of the collaboration from various parts of the University.  


This time around, it may be even more effective if  the entire university community comes together and collaborates for this event. Joining us in our efforts to provide a different option on this high risk night could yield a larger turnout.


It would be great to set up a time for all of us to meet and make this a great event, highlighting the healthy options that our University offers.



Looking forward to hearing back,

The WE team


P.S. Bubble soccer was a huge hit last time, it would be awesome to do it again!