Hello everyone,

 Today's the day! I have written below what you all wrote for time commitments for Pizza Fest, which is at the Billings Library. I have also assigned a tentative job for each of you--this may change depending on the weather, demand, etc. If you cannot make the time you signed up for before let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you signed up for multiple shifts, it's likely your job will change.

3:30-4PM (Set-up)

-Michele Sandler

-Benjamin Greenburg


4:00-4:30pm (Start of Pizza Fest)

-Katie Pfefferle (until 4:20pm): card swipes

-Ramy: Pizza distributor

-Cameron Youngblood: camera/swag 

-Nkandu Yumbe: card swipes

-Michele Sandler: pizza distributor

-Will Fitz (until 4:20): pizza moderator


-Jared C: swag/camera

-Becca K: pizza distributor

-Nikayla: card swipes


-Leslie: card swipes

-Jose C: swag


-Aneesh: card swipes

-Josh: swag/camera

-Eleni: pizza distributor

6pm-6:30pm (Take down)



Pizza is guaranteed to every one of you at some point during the event. Just come to the front of the line and PLEASE wear an IRA Staff Shirt or sweatshirt. If you don't have one, email me back!

See you soon,

Natalia Korpanty


Inter-Residence Association

University of Vermont

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