If you get the "Unable to Verify Update...because you are no longer
connected to the Internet" when attempting to update to iOS 9.3:

Apple distributed a "bad" update.  Some iOS devices had this update already
downloaded before Apple discovered the issue.  Now when you want to update
using the previously downloaded file, you get the above error.  Here is the
fix per

The path to the section is ....
> Settings ---> General ---> Storage & iCloud Usage >
> On my iPad the top Section is Labelled "Storage" this is the right one
> "Open" Manage Storage > in this section
> and you should see the IOS 9.3 update listed if it is downloaded on your
> device
> you can then open it and delete it.

Find the 9.3 update and delete.  Then try again and it should work...

Hopes this helps someone else.


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