We use PowerSchool as our LMS and SMS to support PBGR's here at BFUHS. We use Naviance as our PLP system. Supposedly they talk to each other. I can't tell if they really do or not. 

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People should check with Mt. Abe before moving to PowerSchool for PBGR and PLP.  They claim to have a proficiency based grading system, but we didn't find it useable.  I believe they may be moving to JumpRope for that.

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Follett's Aspen, I believe, had an integrated LMS in their SMS.

Melissa Hayden-Raley
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School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]> writes:
>We’re moving to a proficiency based graduation system here in Winooski,
>and are designing our PLPs accordingly.  The problem for us lies in our
>SMS’s inability to provide live data for the PLPs - sort of a summary
>of students’ progress.  We’re also frustrated by the fact our SMS
>(Web2School) and LMS (Canvas) cannot talk to each other (both vendors
>blame each other).  The weak link in this chain seems to be our SMS,
>but before we jump ship and make a huge change to our systems, is
>anyone using an SMS that does double duty as an LMS?  Powerschool seems
>to fit that bill, and we have anecdotal evidence which suggests those
>using Powerschool also use it for their PLPs, but before I contact the
>vendor I’m looking for recommendations.
>And, does anyone have a PLP which is linked to their SMS/LMS, to
>provide real time “progress updates” for students?  We’re moving to
>Google Sites for PLPs, but will happily switch gears for something
>which provides this integration.
>(off list/direct replies also appreciated)
>Drew Blanchard
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