Hi All,

We are looking for some insight as to how other districts determine and/or are provided information about student transportation, bus routes, etc., especially for the start of a new school year. In particular, we are curious how other districts work with outside contractors for this information, such as Mountain Transit.

At this time, the we obtain transportation information from Mountain Transit is a bit convoluted, and takes up a large amount of time from our building registrars. Prior to the start of the year, we like to have a list of all students and what bus numbers they take each day of the week, mornings and afternoons. The way it stands right now, we depend heavily on parents looking at bus information made available through the local media (newspapers, etc.), and then providing us with the bus number that corresponds to their address.

Ideally, we would get this information in a spreadsheet from the bus company, as it seems they should know where the students are located in order to determine their bus routes for the year.

Let us know if you have come up with any good solutions for this.

Michelle M. Devino
Data Manager
Colchester School District
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