Great online videoconferencing program for your teachers... This is run by one of our Upstate NY colleagues.


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Patrick J. Clemins
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Asst Research Professor, Dept of Computer Science, University of Vermont
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Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 3:29 PM
Subject: 2016 Global Alternative Energy Debate

The 2016 Global Alternative Energy Debate is underway! If you would like to participate in this year's debate please respond to this email and we will include your students. 

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, policy makers and most of all they will be energy consumers. But how will their energy be produced and from what? Given the finite supply of fossil-based fuels, the environmental impact related to extracting and using these fuels and the often volatile impact of the fuel sector seen in financial and economic markets, it’s understandable that students need to be part of the discussion regarding the future of the world’s energy needs and consumption. Igniting the discussion is the Global Alternative Energy Debate involving high school students worldwide over live interactive video conference connections using their regional Research & Education (R&E) Network connections to Internet2. 

The purpose of the program is to:

-          Involve students from different countries to gain perspective through research on alternative energy options.

-          Allow students to debate which alternative energy should get more resources / funding – which energy source should we use in the future and why?

-          Encourage students to compare and contrast what their country is doing to develop alternative energy sources.

-          Educate students on the political, geographical and cultural components often involved with creating policy.

-          Enable students to build relationships with other students from other countries.

-          Promote the use of Video Conferencing technology using advanced, high-performance R&E networks exclusively dedicated to supporting teaching and learning in K-12 schools worldwide.

    The 2016 GAED would be a great way to celebrate Earth Day, which is Friday, April 22. My students at Scotia-Glenville are excited to meet students from other parts of the world through video conferencing and discuss many important issues. In our case we will only have our facilities available for one day, Friday 4/22, and one time slot, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM, EST.  If you would like to participate please respond by Monday 4/4 and I will include you on all further communications. Also, please feel free to forward this information to other schools and teachers who may be interested. Attached you will find the questions we have used in the past to have students prepare for the debate.  The format and final questions to cover are all open for discussion! Thank you, Rick Warren


Rick Warren

English Language Arts Teacher

Modified Football Coach

Scotia-Glenville HS

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