Thank you Bill Gaidys.

It should be pointed out that the history of the VBPA includes the fact 
that we organized the first member auctions primarily for the purpose of 
getting better prices than what were being offered at dairy sale barns - 
where buyers were used to paying cull dairy prices.

As our sales grew over time, they became the standard for market pricing 
for sellers of quality beef.  We have added new market pricing tools 
which supplement the sale data.  We have helped newcomers and 
experienced cattlemen alike learn classic and new techniques to maximize 
the value of their investments.  Our cattle have become competitive in 
the REAL beef world, as evidenced by the excitement and prices at last 
Fall's sale in Pennsylvania.  Our members continue to enjoy REAL market 
pricing that is in line with other beef cattle sales in the country.

In recent years, some buyers have taken advantage of our (non-profit) 
hard work for the industry and begun cherry picking from the best 
producers in the organization, causing a decrease in overall success for 
the cattle industry for the sake of their own short term and 
short-sighted profits.

In order to support the on-farm buying/selling desires of the market, we 
are now holding "board sales" - a standard industry practice elsewhere - 
where animals are weighed, graded and video recorded on the farm and 
sold in addition to the animals at our live auctions.  This allows us to 
offer more animals, drawing bigger buyers and higher prices.  It allows 
buyers that don't want co-mingled animals to buy on the farm at auction, 
and the seller has the major advantage of usually ending up with a fair 
market driven price instead of a no-choice single offer from a direct buyer.

It should also be noted that the sale date is only two weeks later than 
normal this Spring, for reasons beyond our control.  While Mr. Stannard 
seems to have a strong need for animals, there are many others with that 
need; and sellers would be well advised to research the market carefully 
and make their own decisions about the best way to market their cattle.

Chip Morgan
**/President, VBPA///

On 3/15/2016 8:52 PM, [log in to unmask] wrote:
> Bob Stannard:
> I don't think your use of this forum is appropriate.  If you need 
> animals, feel free to advertise.  Your email undermines the efforts of 
> the VBPA, and overall, I think our leadership is making good efforts 
>  to help us all.
> Regards,
> Bill Gaidys
> Graze and Gaze Farm
> Barre, VT 05641
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> Sent: Tue, Mar 15, 2016 2:33 pm
> Subject: Re: Reminder! Annual VBPA Spring Pre-conditioned Weaned Calf 
> and Feeder Sale is Saturday May 21, 2016
> And anyone who would rather sell to the highest bidder right off the 
> farm at the VBPA sale is still invited to participate in the VBPA 
> board sale.
> Chip Morgan
> **/VBPA///
> On 3/15/2016 12:10 PM, Bob Stannard wrote:
>     To all,
>     For all interested producers who are not able or willing to put
>     your feeders in the spring sale as it is now scheduled very late
>     in the season, I am looking for another 100 animals in the 650 to
>     850 range.  I am happy to buy them direct from your farm and pick
>     them up usually by the 1st of May. I am not opposed to buying at
>     the sale but now that the sale date has moved past typical turn
>     out I'm assuming many farms would like to move them well before then.
>     I look forward to hearing from you!
>     Regards,
>     Bob Stannard
>     Vermont Natural Beef
>     1943 Stage Rd.
>     Benson, VT 05743
>     802 537-3711
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>         On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 6:23 AM, Chip Morgan
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>             Annual VBPA Spring Pre-conditioned Weaned Calf and Feeder
>             Sale is Saturday May 21, 2016 at 11am  Champlain Valley
>             Exposition in Essex Junction, VT.
>             The VBPA Sales set the standards for cattle in the area
>             and provide graded, preconditioned cattle from Vermont,
>             New York and New Hampshire. Consign your good cattle to
>             this sale and chances are, you'll get top dollar in this
>             region. Buy cattle here and you'll get animals that have
>             been inspected, graded, weighed and sorted.
>             A good selection of calves and yearlings Pre-Conditioned
>             Heifers and Steers
>             VBPA is accepting consignments of Cows and Cow-Calf Pairs
>             Producers may certify Natural, Organic and Grass Fed! 
>             Consignments are needed at least two weeks prior to the
>             sale. In that way, the cattle can be advertised in advance
>             of the sale and arrangements can be made for receiving the
>             cattle at the sale facilities.
>             All new consignors are welcome and we appreciate the
>             buyers and sellers that have supported the sales over the
>             years. We welcome early consignors and advertise this sale
>             widely.
>             Cattle are worked and weighed by VBPA Staff, examined and
>             inspected by Vermont Agency of Agriculture Staff, graded
>             and sorted by Levi Geyer from the USDA AMS in New Holland,
>             PA. the day before the sale.
>             CLOSER TO THE EVENT.
>             MORE INFORMATION at <>
>             844-321-BEEF (2333)
>             -- 
>             Chip Morgan
>             *VBPA*


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