Hopefully this email does not violate the VT bird will be
the only one sent on this issue, in any case.


The Rutland County Audubon Society is taking a collection of donations of
bird seed money for Judy Hawley (the Pittsfield birder whose feeder and
property the Painted Bunting has been frequenting). She has been very
hospitable, allowing folks free reign of her land to look for and see this
amazing bird, so as a thank you we'd like to offer her a small token of
Vermont birder appreciation. This is the only email that will be sent out,
we'll take donations for the next 10 days, and present them to her in early
April. Please send checks (payable to Rutland County Audubon) to:

Rutland County Audubon Society
PO Box 1813
Rutland VT, 05701

We're just looking for small donations, 5 or 10 dollars would go a long way.


Graham Bates
On behalf of RCAS