Great weekend for birding starting with meeting up with all the folks at the
Pittsfield Painted Bunting as much fun as actually seeing the bunting
followed by several of us showing up at Moose Bog this morning. 9 degrees at
0800 there but good birding still:


Spruce Grouse

Boreal Chickadees

Gray Jays

Black-backed Woodpecker ( Dave G. & Jim Mead)

Red Crossbills

White-winged Crossbills

G.C. Kinglets

Brown Creeper

R.B. Nuthatches


B.C. Chickadees

A. Crows



At Meadow St. in Island Pond

12 A. Tree sparrows

2 Song sparrows

42 Evening Grosbeaks

Hairys & Downys

Blue Jays and Juncos 


Tom Berriman