Hear, Hear!

Or perhaps I should say Where, Where?

I saw my FOY Barred Owl this afternoon on Converse Bay Road in Charlotte.

Reported only to VT eBird until now.

Bruce MacPherson
South Burlington

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Hi all,

When you find a really rare bird, what do you do? There are two things that
run through my head when I find a rarity: 1) I want to document it with a
photo, and 2) I want to get the word out as fast as I can so other birders
can see it and share in the joy of a good find.

This past weekend I noticed that two rare birds were discovered in VT, and
neither report made it to the VT-Bird email list. Two Greater White-fronted
Geese were discovered in southern VT and a Townsend's Solitaire was
discovered in the Burlington area. These are great finds that I'm sure many
birders would be interested to know about. However both species were posted
to eBird and nowhere else. Another example is from several weeks ago when a
Varied Thrush was seen on private property, but the sighting was only
posted to the VT birding Facebook page.

My point is that there are lots of places where you can report rare and
unusual sightings. eBird is a wonderful tool to document sightings, upload
photos, etc. But not everyone uses it and those who do use it probably only
check it for rare sightings once a day (if that). And Facebook is a fun way
to interact and discuss birds, but it's not (currently) designed to act as
a fast-track communication tool to spread the news of a rarity.

So here's my request: if you find a rare bird, and you want others to see
it, please don't just report it to eBird or to Facebook; Post it to the
email list. And if it's a really rare bird, call some of your birder
friends and spread the word via phone calls. But even then please make sure
you post to the email list so the wider VT birding community can enjoy your
great find.

Good birding!
Taj Schottland
Coastal Adaptation Specialist
National Wildlife Federation
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