According to F & W, the nest you're referring to has been visited by eagles, 
but not actually used.  Ospreys have also been at this site in the past.  It 
would be fabulous if everyone stayed ON THE ROAD to observe them!


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Thereís a big nest visible from the Brilyea access to Dead Creek WMA thatís 
been used for many years by Great Horned Owls in the winter/spring and 
Red-tailed Hawks later in the year. Right now, thereís an owl in residence. 
The nest is easily seen through a scope and is in a place where people canít 
get close enough to disturb the birds. Pull into Brilyea and park at the 
first pull-off on the left. Train your scope on the trees across the water. 
Thereís a slight dip in the line made by the tops of the trees. The nest is 
about 1/3 of the way down a large tree slightly left of that dip. (The tree 
is a white pine, I think - but my optics, eyes and mind are always focused 
on the nest and I donít think Iíve ever actually noticed the tree.)

The second nesting bird I enjoyed today might not be so lucky about being 
disturbed. Thereís a huge messy Bald Eagle nest on Hawkins Road in 
Ferrisburgh, just a little before the slang. When I went by, there were four 
parked cars and two more just pulling away. Six people were out of their 
cars with cameras and big lenses, and two had walked as close to the eagle 
as they could possibly get without actually renting a truck with a 
cherry-picker and getting up to the level of the nest. - The nest looks big 
and not brand-new, though, so maybe the birds have nested  there before and 
are able to tolerate intrusive humans.

Maeve Kim
Jericho Center