Hello there,

I am interested to speak to someone about these products, specifically,
what QuickDoc offers that DOCLINE does not, and vice versa. A bit of
background below. I suppose my question is whether or not both systems are
still needed.

Thanks much,
Michelle Fiander, MLIS

According to the QuickDoc web site : The QuickDOC program is designed to
aid hospital librarians with administrative tasks associated with the
borrowing and lending of journals between libraries through the DOCLINE®
interlibrary loan system.

From the Docline  website, "Electronic Funds Transfer System has virtually
eliminated the need to create invoices and write checks for reimbursement
for interlibrary loans and document delivery between participants. Among
the advantages are monthly detailed transaction based reports, the ability
to handle variable charges and the ability to handle non-DOCLINE
transactions. NLM participates in the EFTS for billing DOCLINE libraries
for NLM-supplied documents., use and cost information is available and
distributed to user libraries routinely.