After yesterday's soaking rains I felt compelled to check it out quickly
this AM.

 First impression: NOT BAD! (considerin'...)

Thanks(?)to this season's numerous thaw/rain/freeze cycles the base is
pretty solid stuff- a bit TOO solid in spots.  Ascending the last 30 yards
of the headwall on 10th Mountain I found myself wishing for ski crampons (at
WaWa?). The headwall on Smith Walton looks continously skiable despite major
melt-outs in the center, but it's a bit narrow in some streches. I didn't
ski it. Cover on 10th is pretty good top to bottom, save a few short melt
outs at the water bars.  Lower Smith has nearly full cover, as it most of
Conifer from upper bight of the S all the way down to the bottom lift

It looks more like late April up there than late March, but with the firm
base it'll probably hang in for a few more weeks before the silly-skiing
season begins in earnest (barring a heat wave.)   The stretch between the
lower bight of the S on Conifer and the upper road cut is thin in spots, but
bullet-proof gray ice in stretches (bring earplugs :-) )

With some judicous snow moving they could probably even run another "Up,
Down & Around Challenge" race as in several recent seasons, but it's not
appearing in their current calendar of events.  Pics from the 2011 season
Challenge show roughly the same coverage as what's there now (only slightly
more, and definitly softer cover.)


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