April 29, 2016

TO: The UVM Community

RE:    Tobacco Free UVM Update

August 1, 2015 marked the implementation of the University’s Tobacco 
Free policy. Since that time, we have been impressed with the quality of 
communication and respect that has been apparent as the implementation 
process has moved forward.  We want to acknowledge and thank the UVM 
Community, including users and non-users of tobacco products, for what 
has been largely a smooth transition.

We recognized at the outset that the successful implementation of this 
policy will take time, effort, and commitment on the part of all members 
of the University community. As expected, there have been some bumps in 
the road, and a few “hot spots” on campus where the use of tobacco is 
sometimes encountered, including the library area, University Green, and 
areas near the University of Vermont Medical Center.  It is important to 
acknowledge these problems, and to address them in a respectful and 
positive way.

We respectfully request that tobacco users refrain from consuming 
tobacco products on UVM property, and that non-users communicate 
directly and politely with violators.  As we learned from other 
campuses, peer support, supervisory oversight, and voluntary compliance 
will lead ultimately to behavioral and cultural change, and 
mutually-respectful interaction among members of our community will be a 
key to success.

The Tobacco-Free policy may be found here:Tobacco-Free Policy 
<>.  As the policy 

    Compliance efforts will focus on education and collaboration with
    campus constituencies.
    It is expected that peer support, supervisory oversight, and
    voluntary compliance will lead to behavioral and cultural change, as
    has occurred at hundreds of institutions that have implemented
    tobacco-free policies.

    UVM will provide information to assist managers, supervisors,
    students, faculty and staff with methods to address violations in a
    respectful manner. As with other University policies and practices,
    repeat offenders of the policy may be subject to existing
    disciplinary or other applicable procedures. Problems and chronic
    violations may be reported to: [log in to unmask]

Additional information and resources may be found on the Tobacco-Free 
website at: The Tobacco-Free UVM Health Initiative 
<>. We continue our strong commitment to 
supporting and assisting those who wish to stop using tobacco by 
providing access to effective smoking cessation programs with free or 
discounted costs and ongoing, long-term support.  For more information, 
go to: Find Help to Quit Using Tobacco 

We appreciate all of the hard work that has gone into the creation, 
assessment, and implementation of this policy. It is our hope that 
patience, respect, and constructive communication will be hallmarks of 
the ongoing implementation process, which, despite a few problems, has 
been a genuine success.  Tobacco use on campus has dropped 
significantly, reflecting our values in the areas of health, 
environmental responsibility, and concern for the health and wellbeing 
of all of the members of the UVM community.

With respect and appreciation,

Jan Carney and Tom Gustafson
Co-Chairs, Tobacco Free Steering Committee