Good Morning VT Birders:

I was trying to get some work done in an office (near the corner of Church
and Main in Burlington) early this morning before the distractions of other
people in the work space but I was wasn't being very efficient. Nobody is
here still but it's those darn birds outside. Even in a big building with
the doors and windows closed, I could hear quite a cacophony out on the
street. A melee of crows and gulls were working on some trash in the street
before cars and clean-up crews arrive. I could hear more than one Fish Crow
among them so I stepped outside.

It was quite a scene. I am certain there were at least seven Fish Crows in
the ruckus. I counted birds I watched/heard calling and tracked their
movements. It may have been more but I am confident of seven.

Give a listen to the audio clip I grabbed with my phone in this eBird
checklist. The Fish Crows are most conspicuous during the last 20 seconds
or so.

What's pretty fun is the way eBird visually displays the recording -- you
can actually see the difference in the American Crow calls versus the Fish

Alright, back to work.

Enjoy spring,
Eric Hynes
Burlington, VT
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