Hi Tyler,
Just to let you know your original post did indeed make it to the VTBird list-serve. I've been experiencing the same problem for at least two years now and have worked with the list owner, worked with my email settings, tried everything recommended to me, yet while I seem to see everyone else's posts, I do not see my own. Therefore, I hardly ever post any more because of the uncertainty of whether or not my posts actually make it. I've pretty much switched to the Vermont Birding group on Facebook, though I still receive and read VTBird.

That said, congratulations on the Eurasian Wigeon and thanks for sharing it!
Cheers!Charlotte BillEnosburgh

      From: Tyler Pockette <[log in to unmask]>
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 Sent: Monday, April 18, 2016 9:04 PM
 Subject: [VTBIRD] Eurasian Wigeon- Creek Rd. Salisbury
Hi all,

I tried sending this earlier from my phone but I don't see that it
successfully posted so I will try again. This afternoon I had a Eurasian
Wigeon on Creek Road in Salisbury. The bird was on the north side of the
road and could be viewed from between the two tree "islands", about 400
yards east of the covered bridge. Good luck if you try for it.