Fellow birders, 

Snow on the 26th of April has enabled me to find, for the first time in ten years, the Killdeer nest on top of the 1958 wing-addition of the Hinesburg Community School! This roof has been habitat for the shorebirds every year, but they have blended in so well with the multi-colored round stones, they've always eluded my detection. Regardless of my endless searching and waiting for a changing of the guard, I've never found them (like looking for that one jigsaw puzzle piece that MUST be missing). Until now! Like Horton the elephant, the Killdeer are faithful 100 percent! The snow is melting on the parent on the nest while it covers the roof around them and eliminates their ability to hide. 

I've been able to share this with middle school students and the timing is perfect as they have been learning about natural selection! Questions are coming out: 

What will happen to the eggs? ( hopefully the parent's body will keep them warm) 

Can we bring the eggs inside to keep them warm? (it's best to let nature do the work) 

Will the eggs freeze? What if they die? (the parents will try again). 

Fingers crossed they'll all make it through this cold spell and face the challenges that await the chicks after hatching! 

HCS (& Huntington)