Richard James writes

> While there's not too much that can be done to influence Google,

  But UVM can do things to make sure you tie the medlib-l mail to the domain. That will help with all email providers.  First
  by setting an SPF record for and second, by making sure
  that the PTR record for the IP address resolves to
  something that looks like it was assigned manually. It appears to me
  that UVM appear to have taken the second step just recently. Last
  week I saw the record pointing to something like It
  now points to This should definitely help.

> unless, of course, you have a filter that sends Medlibs messages
> directly to spam, in which case- why are you subscribing?

  You may still subscribe to a list you don't read in order to post
  announcements on it. Yes, there is the nomail option to do this. But
  some folks may not have not heard about this.  They may elect to
  send the mail to the spam folder, thus damaging receipt of email
  for everybody else.



  Thomas Krichel