Copied from a facebook post by Alex Kaufman, who has been following this story very closely:

Live from Jay presser...

"These assets are in great shape, as opposed to most receiverships. It's obvious that great deals of money were spent here and at Burke."

Goldberg also confirmed again the Q is outbound and that the hotel is in a very sale ready state, with interested suitors.

Other key statements:

Funds have been secured to operate the resorts as normal.

Many investors in the Stateside project want to inject more funds to complete it, which shows how unusual this receivership is.

It is possible that funds meant for AnC Bio were spent to complete other projects, including at Jay and Burke.

The extra projects at Burke including tennis and swimming are not going forward at this time.

Local contractors awaiting payment are likely to be compensated prior to investors, but that is pending court approval.

Everyone in the room laughed when they discussed how many Q's had been placed all over the hotel and what it would take to remove them all.

The clocks are set and there's flour in the kitchens. All expressed amazement at the turnkey nature of the Burke Hotel project.

Questions were more hostile to Shumlin in regards to oversight of the programs as development occurred.

The press conference ended at Shumlin's request. Goldberg took more questions on his own afterward.

One would hope that Gannett, which owns the Burlington Free Press, is taking a serious look at the senior editorial staff at that paper and has called at least some of them on the carpet. As I said in my earlier post: their reporting on this story strikes me as journalistic malpractice of a very serious nature, with the potential to cause great harm. It may even rise to the level of libel, which, though extremely difficult to prove, constitutes statements "either made with the intent to do harm or with reckless disregard for the truth." Seems to me the latter may very well apply.
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