Dear all,

I have an issue on one of our Delta V's which I'm hoping someone smarter 
can help out with - I recently installed Eager300 on the PC running this 
instrument, just to reprocess chromatograms recorded on another EA while 
the GasBench was running. Now that we want to switch back to the 
FlashHT/EA, I'm getting a 'catastrophic event' message (who invents 
these ?) - basically Isodat does not read out temperature/flows anymore, 
and I cannot open the Flash method window.

I uninstalled Eager since someone pointed out that this might be the 
problem - the pop-up message is gone but I still don't have 
communication.  Other EA configurations have the same issue. Restarted 
PC several times, shut down/restarted the Flash but no help.

In short - what does installing EAGER do to the settings that I need to 
reset manually ?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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