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the distance between before and now seems to be the same (about 16 delta units for C and 8 for O), if you don't find pollution in the reference gases may be that your software lost the calibration delta values in the species library and now those values are zero.

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Luciano Spaccino

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I am analysing C and O isotopes in carbonates using a Multiflow attached to a GV Isoprime IRMS. Recently my  standards have become increasingly more positive (both for C and O), and I can’t seem to isolate the reason why. This has happened over the period of a few days. Last week everything was running fine, and nothing unusual has been done to the instrument in the meantime. Before-hand, however,  we had overheating issues with the compressor, because of leaks in the compressed air line, which were located with snoop and repaired, but I can’t see how this can be related. The measured values for the reference standards has change as follows


Before - NBS19 -13C = -11, 18O = +8.5.  Now - NBS19 -13C = +5.5, 18O = +16.43 

Before - CO8 - 13C = -18, 18O = -11.5. Now – CO8 -13C = -2.4, 18O = -3.3 

Before – CO9 - 13C = -58, 18O = -4. Now – CO9 -13C = -43, 18O = +3.78 


I should be grateful if anyone has any idea what might be causing this to happen..






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