Hi Bob,

Most likely either the Orings on the plunger driver wheel or the wheel itself is worn.

I can also be the center bearing is too loose. For that remove the tray and spin the brass center piece with your fingers. It should come to a smooth and relatively prompt stop. If it spins freely tighten the hex bolt a little and try again.






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Hi all,


I’ve got a problem with our Eurovector solid autosampler.  Basically, it’s dropping 2 samples at once and it occurs twice during an overnight run.  It’s happening roughly at the same spot in the carousel.  I have the metal carousels and it seems to happen on both the bottom and top trays.  I’ve looked at the obvious:  cleaned the trays, replaced the ratchet gear, and cleaned the piston.  I have a brand new motor as well.  It’s been frustrating, especially when I have to go into the spreadsheet and fix the sample order…not to mention lost samples.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!







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