I am so glad you are doing this.  What a terrific session! There is a
reason you were honored at ISTE and by Vita-Learn!

I appreciate your willingness to share what you have learned.  I love the
idea of building resources for all kids, not for an "average" kids (which
does not exist). And language like access,express and engage with

Personalization is an important part of our tech plans and the most
important work happens in the classroom with kids and teachers.

Sorry I will miss you and others at DL.  Look forward to an update and

Patricia Aigner
Director of Technology
Rutland City Public Schools
6 Church Street
Rutland, VT 05701


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On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 8:13 PM, Lauren Parren <[log in to unmask]>

> ​We, at So. Burlington, are hoping all of you will join us at Dynamic
> Landscapes on Monday after lunch to explore the Digital Backpack we've
> begun, based on the transferable skills all VT students will need to
> demonstrate success, beginning with current 8th graders.  While apparently
> different from what Patricia has in mind, I'm imaging all roads will lead
> to the same type of rich resource for learners to: explore content of their
> choosing, manipulate information to answer their own driving questions,
> collaborate with like-minded seekers outside of the school, and draw some
> new conclusions to further learning.  Terms like Personalized Learning are
> so laden that we have to be clear about what we mean.  Some vendors will
> have you think that plopping a kiddo in front of a computer and
> force-feeding them Common Core quizzes will personalize their learning. (I
> know that is NOT AT ALL what Patricia is encouraging us to consider!)  So,
> let's look together at our Site at DL and then share our conclusions with
> the rest of the state.  Thanks, Patricia for bringing this important
> conversation to light! (And heel well, if that is the right part of your
> broken anatomy).
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> *Subject:* digital backpacks
> Hi,
> I am somewhat taken by the idea of personalized learning backpacks as part
> of my tech plan and personalization efforts for children. The concept
> appears in an ISTE article about personalization.
> also works
> with our model of MTSS.
> Has anyone put together some software ideas for chromebooks that work k12
> as "personalized learning backpacks"?
> Want to start a sharing process for these ideas?  Maybe in Google?
> As an aside, here is a link to a paper by ISTE on personalized learning.
> It is a different kind of read about how you get there with resources.
> A Guide for Engaging Students with Technology
> Product code: PLEARN
> ISBN: 9781564843524
> Published: 2014
> Topics: Personalized learning, Standards, Tools, 1:1
> Length: 200 pages
> Thanks,
> Patricia Aigner
> Director of Technology
> Rutland City Public Schools
> 6 Church Street
> Rutland, VT 05701
> 802-773-1900
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