The school year is winding down, but before summer starts - Pizza?  Rob & I have been chatting about having a techie discussion about MDM, iOS and other mobile devices, and WiFi systems.

Nothing formal, just a nice place to chat about what is going on, summer plans, and some excellent pizza in Central VT.  Rumor has it that Peter Drescher will be taking the stairs down from his office to attend.

Wednesday 6/1  3:30pm - 6pm
 at Positive Pie on Main St, Barre.  Hosted by Rob Stalling and the fine Tech folks at Barre Supervisory Union.    Plenty of parking on Enterprise Alley.

This isn't just limited to "seasoned" techies.  There is a whole new generation of young people who we would love to see join us.  Lets not let the gray hair (or no hair) outnumber the young folks!

No RSVP necessary, but appreciated.

See you there!!!

Keith & Rob

PS:  Hope to see you all at Dynamic Landscapes!!!
Keith Puffer
Technology Coordinator
Washington West Supervisory Union
340 Mad River Park, Suite 7
Waitsfield, VT 05673
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