This summer, I am teaching *Instructional Materials Development for your
Google Classroom.  *I am excited because it will have a direct impact on
fall instruction.

We will:

   1. Develop a plan for how the instructor wishes to use Google Classroom
   alongside face-to-face instruction
   2. Identify content options in Google—and acquire or create course
   3. Look at the role of media in an online environment and produce or
   locate media
   4. Explore the role of assessment in an online environment—pre,
   summative, formative
   5. Discussions and student engagement
   6. Grading with technology
   7. Sharing resources such as forms and other take home items

In addition to 5 hours of face to face instruction, participants will
interact with a Learning Management System for class discussions, responses
to articles and other activities. Students can work at their own pace.

Section #1 – Saturday, June 18, 2016, remainder of class is completely
online ending August 5, 2016,

Section #2 – Saturday August 6, 2016, remainder of class is completely
online ending October 1, 2016

Patricia Aigner
Director of Technology
Rutland City Public Schools
6 Church Street
Rutland, VT 05701


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