I too had a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak (male) and  female Eastern Towhee this
morning. She was foraging in the wooded lot next door.  The Grosbeak was on
a White Pine where my feeders are.

on Lake George
Ticonderoga, NY (not far from VT!)

On Mon, May 9, 2016 at 11:56 AM, Jane Stein <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Woke up this morning to see the two Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks on the ground
> under the feeder plus 10 to 12 White-Crowned Sparrows and an odd-looking
> Grosbeak-sized bird with them that my as yet uncaffeinated brain finally
> recognized as a female Towhee a split second before the whole bunch flushed.
> I've not had a Towhee here in the 10 years I've been here and haven't laid
> eyes on one anywhere else in that time, so I was a bit slow on the uptake,
> and pre-coffee, I might have been hallucinating.  Haven't caught sight of
> it since then so far.
> Jane
> Shoreham

Nancy A. Carter
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