Hi folks,
Just a quick Vermont eBird note for those of you that use it. Please try
hard to map the location of your checklists as accurately as possible. We
are seeing folks place some wildly incorrect locations, lump data too much
with a hotspot that might be nearby them but they weren't actually there,
etc etc.

Here are a couple of great articles we have on Vermont eBird Help section
that you might want to look over:
How to use the mapping tool:

What hotspot should I use?

Understanding How to Plot Your Location

Here's an example. One particular case that was recently noted involves two
hotspots: Bristol Pond ( L. Winona ) 248 acres and  Bristol Pond Fishing
Access. The Bristol Pond hotspot is the actual pond itself. This is
accessible by boat only. While the Bristol Pond Fishing Access is where one
can drive to. There appear to be a lot of checklists that are listed as
Bristol Pond ( L. Winona 248 acres), when in fact they likely belong to
Bristol Pond Fishing Access. For those of you that eBird those locations,
you might want to check your data and fix them if they are on the wrong
hotspot. How do you do that? Not a problem, of course we have a Help
article on Vermont eBird for that! It is super easy to manage your
checklists, read the article to get started -

Thanks so much everyone. It sure is amazing birding right now!


Kent McFarland
Vermont Center for Ecostudies
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