Yesterday morning I made a visit to the Route 4 rest area in Ira to locate
the Cerulean Warbler  identified and posted last Saturday on eBird by Cat
Abbott and Mick Baisley.  Arriving at 9:56 and walking up the hill through
the wooded area above the rest area I soon heard a bird song bearing some
resemblance to a Black-throated Blue Warbler but a bit different and
also coming from high overhead in the forest canopy.  With a
little perseverance I located my first Cerulean of the day.  This site is
just downhill of the woods opening with scattered small pines on the south
side of the woods road.

Continuing east past the brook crossing and several hundred feet before the
road enters the brushy old field, another Cerulean-like song was heard from
the road.  Scanning the canopy #2 Cerulean was located and observed for
quite some time.

Back tracking on the woods road well before coming to the stream crossing
another Cerulean was heard singing and quickly confirmed with a sighting.
I questioned whether I was dealing with two or three separate birds or with
this warbler following me (not likely).  To prove whether this was right or
wrong I hoofed it back to the previous sighting and that birds was where I
had left it.

Passing through the area where I had the first Cerulean of the morning (now
after 1 pm) I did not hear or see that bird.  It would have been nice to
have confirmed it was still there, then proving there are three Ceruleans,
I settled upon 2 with a high probability of 3.  Photos were taken of all

Kenneth Cox
South Reading, VT