Greetings, VTBIRDers:

Philadelphia Vireos seem to be passing through our region. eBird reveals 
numerous sightings in northern New England and points north during the 
past two days, including a male during my guided outing to Berlin Pond 
yesterday. He sang quietly a few times for us (as we were tracking down 
a few of our 14 warbler species on the day).

One field mark for Philadelphia Vireo that's left out of our guidebooks: 
After watching many Warbling Vireos, and after chasing the songs of many 
Red-eyed Vireos, when you finally meet up with a Philadelphia Vireo 
(with its subtle differences in head shape and behavior), a kind of warm 
euphoria washes over your soul. That's confirmation for this species 
beyond ordinary field marks.

Bryan Pfeiffer

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