Some highlights from about 1 - 2 pm at Shelburne Pond today:

3 pairs of Shoveler's seen together easily from the boat access lot. 
(not reported in eBird for April-May in Chittenden county up to today) 
Turns out Jim Mead also had them there early this morning.

There were also very roughly 1350 swallows out there, mostly not seen 
easily from the access.

A young Bald Eagle managed to catch a fish and then perched in a Pine to 
finish it off.

I mistakenly put away the winter cap and gloves from my birding car over 
the pleasant weekend; it's quite cold out there with the gusting NW 
winds and temp in the 40's this aft.

May more good new year birds keep appearing every day!

Larry Haugh,  Shelburne