I'd like to recognize Cat Abbot for her great find of the Prothonotary at 
Buckner Preserve/Bald Mtn last week.  Her discovery is a good example of how 
being in the moment, quiet, and paying attention pays off!

AND:  What an obliging bird!

Sue and I had been talking about how the habitat the warbler was in seemed 
perfect for the bird when we noticed it gathering moss off of a tree in the 
Poultney River and entering a tree cavity (Sue will add photos to eBird 
entry) gave us the impression that the bird will stick around if a mate 
shows up....and he wouldn't be the only one that is lucky (a gem for more 
birders to enjoy).



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Prothonotary warbler seen going between the two areas with water on both 
sides at noon. Also observed it with nesting material going in and out of a 
Sue Wetmore and Ali Wagner

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