It has been a tough spring here in southwestern Vermont with high winds and sometime cold weather.  I have yet to see a female hummer those I have had as many as three males at my feeder at one time.  They are very territorial so they have to feed them at a time.  I bought a second feeder yesterday and added a bit more sugar to the sugar water.  This morning I was treated to a male at each feeder.  The weather looks like it will improve as the week goes on.


Bob in West Arlington

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Vermont Hummers need to be very resourceful this morning. 32 degrees, windy, snowy and two inches on the ground. They are going to have to use their beaks to move snow out of the way to get to the feeder ports. But, as of 5:30 this morning, at least had figured out how to do that. Good luck tiny birds.JeannieFaystonHappy Birding