We take our feeders in every night because of a bear - they are stored in the garage in galvanized trash cans that we store our birdseed in.  For rainy weather (we have lots of it here in W MD!) we dry off some of the feeders that have domes, etc.  we have about 15 feeders out.  


Frank Boyle
Broken Wallet Farm
Rohrersville, MD

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> On May 18, 2016, at 11:38 AM, Martha McClintock <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Years ago, someone suggested that I put the feeders out during the day and
> just bring them in at night.  We had a family of bears visit us during the
> day so I did not try that again....until this year.  So far so good but
> does anyone have thoughts or recommendations for feeding during the day but
> bringing feeders in at night?
> Martha
> (Usually birding in) Westford
> On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 11:18 AM, Kent McFarland <
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>> Hi Folks,
>> There have been some recent discussions on the Upper Valley bird list about
>> bird feeding and bear, specifically, in regards to the law about bear
>> feeding. This morning I was able to exchange emails with Mark Scott,
>> Director of Wildlife at the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. Mark was
>> extremely helpful in clarifying the law and the departments suggestions in
>> regards to bird feeders.
>> Here is what I learned from Mark:
>> Is it illegal to feed birds in any season in Vermont?
>> No. People who feed birds and have a bear visiting their feeder will not be
>> cited with a wildlife violation unless they have been contacted by a state
>> game warden to remove their bird feeder or other planted unnatural food
>> source and fail to do so.
>> What are the suggested bird feeding periods from the VT Fish and Wildlife
>> Department?
>> The VFWD strongly recommends now that people stop feeding birds who live in
>> an area where bears are known to travel or are getting recent reports of
>> bears in the area they live. VFWD usually advise people to take the bird
>> feeders down from April through November. However in mild winters such as
>> we just encountered, some bears who don’t den or awaken from their den due
>> to warm weather or a disturbance, may be searching for food all winter.
>> Generally if we have six inches of snow on the ground, bears have a
>> difficult time finding wild foods and will den.
>> You can find more information on the VFWD "Living with Black Bears" web
>> page at
>> I hope this information helps. We certainly do not want to create any
>> nuisance bears through bird feeding, so please do consider all the
>> information.
>> Kent
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