Upland Sandpiper was still on pond rd. between 10:30 and 10:50.  I was there with Jim and Josh Phillips who kindly shared their scope. Field is on the right as you go down the incine from Dorset diagonal to a bright red barn.

There was also th bee-buzz of a blue winged warbler at the corner of Pond and Dorset, but the bird flew before I could see if it was a hybrid.

Liz Lee

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Date: 05/10/2016  8:59 AM  (GMT-05:00) 
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Subject [VTBIRD] Upland Sandpiper in Shelburne 
Hello all,

I was on Pond Rd. in Shelburne earlier this morning
(near the Dorset St. end). I was looking into the field
along the south side of the road, hoping for a 
Bobolink or two. Suddenly, I heard the tail end of an
Upland Sandpiper's song. I asked myself, "Did I just 
hear an Upland Sandpiper?" I began looking for one
and saw a bird in flight, got my binos onto it and found
that it was indeed an Upland Sandpiper!!
I did call Alison Wagner because I figured she might
be awake at that time (5:55 a.m.) She was and she too
got to see it. She called me back to let me know that she
saw it and also mentioned that it flew off toward the NW 
at around 7:00 a.m. 
I don't know if it came back but hopefully it did or will. 

Enjoy Birds,

Jim Mead