My first bird for my Bird-a-thon day was a fly across the road Barred Owl!  I think BAOW in flight is a first for me.

Second WOW moment was 12! Spotted Sandpipers feeding along the shoreline of Emerald Lake.  (Dowitchers, sandpipers, etc would have been REAL nice too!)

Lastly - 2 Brown Thrashers (makes more) behind the VT Country Store In Manchester.

As always, it's more interesting to me what I miss - no Kingfishers, Downy, Hairy  or Piliated WP and no Least, Willow, Alder Flyc (but that may be related more to my hearing loss).

Last bird of the day - Cowbird!  Well, it counts too!  And only 3 ticks - but one burrowing - yuck!\

Ruth Stewart
E. Dorset, VT