Mig writes:

>I dunno, what should I be waiting for??

The end of the silly skiing season, mayhaps?  :-)

Despite early spring warmth followed by a week of steady rain WaWa still had a couple of patches longer than 20' worthy of 99cm Salomon Snowblades as of a couple of hours ago...

...and a huge swarm of blackflies. :-(

For anyone interested, the patches of sticky off-white are on the Franny's Folly trail ~50 yards SW of the Vickery Bowl lift station, the remains of some terrain park features.

Today marks the day that comes most seasons when I've skied Wachusett more days when it was closed than when the lifts were running. But it ain't over until it's over:  It'll probably hang in through the weekend, but I'm not counting on it lasting more than another week (unless Ullr bestows a favorable spring storm upon us.)


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