>How long does it take you from your house to get to the 5-6' of snow?
It's more of a "snow-like substance" than actual "snow".  Most of it was sprayed onto the slope then bulldozed into a terrain feature before it became the rained-on sunbaked refrozen rethawed sludge it is today.
Drive time from my house to the "governor's parking space" at the Balance Rock fire road gate is about 25 minutes, but doing a WaWa drive-by skiing tour adds only about 10-15 minutes to the total commute time.  Hike time to the last remaining patch from the gate is a bit under 5 minutes (without jogging) so with stepping out of the winter-mocs into the clunky alpine boots call it 30-35minutes before actual gliding down hill on skis was in progress.  I was in and out in about 20 minutes. (It beats goin' to the gym, eh? )  I won't even get into the "vertical hiked to vertical skied ratio" data- lest I become depressed.  Let's just say it was a "large number".  :-)
As recently as five weeks ago it was possible to ski to & from the car at the Balance Rock Road gate after skiing the resort top to bottom on (sagging but all-natural) real snow cover, a hike time of about 3 seconds from the driver's door to the back hatch, and a 1:1 hike/ski ratio.   Ahh, the good old days of April, way back when...
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