That's an impressive season, John.

I myself was nowhere near as motivated, and I also had some bad luck.  A week before xmas vacation I took a really bad fall(I thought I may have fractured my pelvis).  So from around 12/20 until the end of January, I had ~5 days instead of the 20 I usually get.  Then in March, I lost 2 weekends because of a funeral and an in-law's 50th birthday. For my midweek afterwork jaunts, the lack of powder all season kept me choosing my guitar over my skins.

So totals:
Days: <40, lowest I've had in 20 years.
Mostly at Smuggs lift served
1 Stowe lift served
1 Stowe thigh served
1 Sugarbush lift
1 Timberline thigh served(only powder of the year- the lowest since 198x)
1 Jay lift served
5 Steamboat

-I guess I have to say the Timberline powder night, 12" on top of grass and rock
- First western ski trip with Sonya, first one with Amy since pre-Sonya.
- Watching Sonya progress.  By the end of the season, black diamonds were no problem, and she got a number of double blacks under her belt, such as Steins and National.  

Biggest disappointment: Not 1 single run outside of a mapped run.

How I survived without going crazy:  Treating myself to a new guitar(SG), starting up a band, and burying my head in the noise and ignoring the non-existant winter.

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