I agree, Farah.  Tone

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Hello Layal,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience and agree with Tone that sadly, unethical practices happen often around authorship in academia.

I work in med ed/HPE so our author guidelines follow the Int'l Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) guidelines:

You'll see that in addition to data collection and analysis, one must be part of the intellectual part of the drafting of the paper (and okay'ing it for submission) to be counted as an author.

In your case, you should have been given the chance to partake in the intellectual drafting of the paper if you were promised authorship. But as it stands, if you did not get a chance to participate in intellectual input to the paper, you technically would be acknowledged (for data collection / analysis), but would not technically be an author.

Again, I do not mean to say that you don't deserve authorship. The first author should take the lead and especially if he promised you authorship, should have given you the chance to contribute intellectually to the paper (and hence be an author). At the least, you should definitely be acknowledged.


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Welcome to unethical medical/academia! (Yes, Virginia, it DOES exist!) You are not the first nor last, painful though the experience can be--and I have experienced worse.

Tone Mendoza

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Subject: Promised to be an author...not even acknowledged!!!!
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Dear All,

I want your guidance about how should I go about the following issue.

Two years ago, when I was a student pursuing my Masters in Public Health-Health Management and Policy Development, I was promised along with my colleague by the professor of the research project course that we will be assigned as authors for performing data collection and observation for details in a process that we are to improve its flow, which was over a period of at least one month (from noon till 1 am daily/ 7 days a week) with emails confirming what she said so in our meetings (one of the meetings held another author).

I was working and continuing my studies back then, so I had my colleague do data collection from 1 pm -5 pm & 7 pm- 9 pm  and I did it during lunch break 12 noon-1 pm and then after work 5 pm- 1 am...Later, the professor said that the paper content will change and that again each will be working on his part to fix and my colleague and I were assigned again the data collection part-after finishing the course. Then, it was the professor mentioned the content is completely different and they are working on it, though the title is somehow the same as that of the paper we have submitted by the end of the course and that was turned into turn it in by the professor. The latter happened after we asked where are we at and what are we to do now.

Last Wednesday, my colleague contacted me and told me she found an article published on Oct 2015 of our data with all authors mentioned BUT us.  The paper also stated that two research assistants did the data collection, when we were two Masters students back then.

We were not even acknowledged!!! Each of us worked with other professors and did 1/90 of the effort and got acknowledged. Is it because it was part of the course? But the professor should not have promised us initially, plus I cannot remember whether back then in the course we had the choice to do choose our research or we had to work on whatever our professor assigned us.

Is this ethical?
How to go about this?

Desperately waiting for your responses,

Thank you,

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