I like the way works and I think it would get more use if it was more widely publisized.


Just my 2 cents.




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Subject: training value?



Last year, ETS licensed training specifically to provide on-line training options for Outlook and Exchange-related services.  The annual renewal is coming due in mid-July, and we are trying to determine if has sufficient value to the campus that we should try to find funding to renew it.


As you know, Lynda provides training for many topics, and we think it could be a valuable tool for the campus, if people used it.


But we don't have funding to cover it on an on-going basis yet, so we'd need help finding a funding source.


Before we do that, we're looking for input about the value the tool has provided for you, or your clients.  Have you directed clients to go look at a training video to get informed?  Would you for other topics like MS Office, or other tools?  Have you used it to learn some more advanced topic?  They have thousands of videos across hundreds of topics.


Some data.  In the last three months, these are the 15 most popular courses for UVMers:


Excel 2013 Essential Training

Outlook for Mac 2016 Essential Training

Outlook 2016 Essential Training

InDesign CC Essential Training (2015)

Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals

Git Essential Training

Excel 2016: Advanced Formulas and Functions

Ruby on Rails 4 Essential Training

Foundations of Programming: Databases

Word 2013 Essential Training

Windows 10 Essential Training

Simple Android Development Tools

Time Management Fundamentals (2011)

Foundations of Programming: Object-Oriented Design

Excel 2016 Essential Training

Up and Running with Raspberry Pi


But the overall number of users is pretty small – only 127 unique users in the last 3 months.


Clearly an underutilized service.  Is it valuable enough that we should promote it and find funding for it, or retire the service?


If you can email me in the next week or so, if you have information about the value of Lynda to share, I'd appreciate it.