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Neuroscience NSCI 295

The Cerebral Circulation: Physiology & Pathophysiology

Fall 2016

Tue/Thu: 2:50-4:05 p.m.

HSRF 300

Course Directors: Dr. Marilyn Cipolla, Dr. Kelvin Siu-Lung Chan

The cerebral circulation is critical to brain function, providing necessary oxygen and nutrient to neurons and other cells. Dysfunctional blood vessels in the brain cause a number of cerebrovascular diseases, including stroke, cognitive impairment, and seizure, leading causes of death and disability worldwide.


This three credit-hour advanced-level course focuses on the unique properties and importance of the cerebral circulation. Students will gain an understanding of how blood flow is controlled to maintain brain homeostasis under normal physiological conditions and how dysfunction of brain vessels promotes pathology. Review of current and classic literature, relevant methodologies for studying the cerebral vasculature and clinical applications will be covered. In addition, imaging techniques as they relate to clinical utility will be covered as well as clinical applications.


This is a team-taught course with faculty from the Departments of Neurological Sciences, Pharmacology, Radiology and Medicine that include physicians and basic scientists to provide an array of expertise on the featured topics of the course.


For further information, please contact Dr. Kelvin Siu-Lung Chan at [log in to unmask]


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