Bennington got some rain last evening and that, coupled with sun, heat and humidity seems to have given a boost to 
new flights of butterflies emerging. 
Today in Bennington I found new flights of Common Wood Nymphs, Eastern-tailed Blues, Baltimore Checkerspots, 
and delightfully a Coral Hairstreak and 2 Acadian Hairstreaks. Skippers were still hard to find… ( the fields I checked were very tall and due to be mowed 
this week ). I did find a few Little Glassy-wings and Northern Broken Dash. Banded Hairstreaks are either late or having a bad year… I have checked oaks that usually
have a few engaged in aerial combat..but have only found 1 in Pownal this week.
Below links to the Coral and Acadian Hairstreaks. 

Terri Armata … Bennington.